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2025 Yamaha SXVenom Mountain: What Will It Be Like?

2025 Yamaha SXVenom Mountain

As we approach 2025, the snowmobile industry is buzzing with anticipation for the release of Yamaha’s latest model, the SXVenom Mountain.

This excitement is heightened because this could be one of the last models produced by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., as the company announced its eventual withdrawal from the snowmobile business in June 2023.

2025 Yamaha SXVenom Mountain

2025 Yamaha SXVenom Mountain
2025 Yamaha SXVenom Mountain

However, they plan to continue sales in North America through the 2025 model year, making the SXVenom Mountain a highly anticipated release.

The SXVenom series has always been known for its impressive features and performance.

The 2023 model, for instance, was armed with an industry-first 65hp, 400cc single-cylinder EFI 2-stroke engine, boasting a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.

It was priced at $9,499, offering a lightweight, mid-sized chassis packed with jaw-dropping features. The 2024 model continued this trend, featuring a single-cylinder 397cc fuel-injected, two-stroke engine with an electric start.

The SXVenom Mountain is designed to fill a void in the snowmobile market between youth sleds and full-sized snowmobiles.

It aims to provide a mid-sized option that doesn’t compromise performance. The technology built into its engine is impressive, with a 397 cc displacement (65 hp), liquid cooling, computerized ignition, and a 3-stage exhaust power valve.

The suspension on the SXVenom Mountain is quite impressive, softened to improve handling for smaller and lighter riders, but it works well even for fully-grown adults.

It features a single-beam rear suspension with an impressive 12″ of travel. Power is put to snow by a 146″ x 2″ Camso Challenger track. Up front, there is 8.3″ of travel dampened by HPG shocks all-round.

The SXVenom Mountain is not just about Power and performance; it’s also about comfort and convenience.

It features a standard rope, keyed electric start, push button reverse, independent thumb and hand warmers, and high-beam/low-beam switches in the cockpit area.

Given previous models’ impressive features and performance, expectations are high for the 2025 Yamaha SXVenom Mountain.

While specific details about the 2025 model have not yet been released, it is expected to build upon the strengths of its predecessors while introducing innovations.

One thing is certain: The 2025 Yamaha SXVenom Mountain will be a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to quality and innovation in the snowmobile industry.

As one of the last models to be produced by the company, it will undoubtedly be a fitting tribute to Yamaha’s legacy in snowmobiling.

Yamaha SXVenom Mountain Specs

Model SXVenom Mountain
Engine 2-stroke
Displacement 794 cc
Fuel system Batteryless Electronic Fuel Injection
Starting Electric
Clutch Yamaha Multi-Action Transmission (Y-ACT)
Gears 5-speed
Brakes Dual-piston brake caliper
Fuel capacity 10.5 gal. ( 39.7 l)
Chassis Mountain Max chassis
Suspension Front – Fox 1.5 Zero QS3, Center – Monotube Alum-HP GAS 1.5, Rear – Fox 2.0 Zero QS3L
Track Yamaha PowerClaw, 154 x 15 x 3.0 in., 3.5 in. pitch
MSRP $10,999

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