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2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP: Touring Snowmobiles With Tough Performance

2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP

The All-New Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-Up offers all the features of a complete touring snowmobile in a much lighter package and at an attractive price.

The compact two-stroke single-cylinder engine produces excellent power to maintain speed on the trail. Its 146-inch long track excels in soft snow while bridging gaps on rough roads for a more comfortable ride.

2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP

2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP
2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP

Passenger overload springs are included to tune the suspension for single and two-top cruising. The value and performance of the Transporter Lite 2-Up are tough to match.

With 146-inch Dual Load Suspension offers flotation for off-trail maneuverability while its additional length bridges bump on the trail for greater rider comfort.

The addition of passenger ‘overloaded’ springs helps compensate for the extra weight of passengers to reduce bottoming and maintain balance.

A standard handlebar and throttle lever warmer are included. The tall 15.5-inch is designed to protect the operator with its sculpted, rotatable shape.

Transporter Lite 2-UP Comfort

Pressing a simple button causes the machine to restart in reverse. The audible ‘backup’ beep indicates the reverse system is activated and continues to beep until the button is pressed again to restart the engine in the forward direction.

A simple, lightweight, and efficient way to retreat from a difficult situation. A handlebar warmer and a standard adjustable throttle lever are included.

The fuel capacity of 10.6 gallons / 40.1 liters, coupled with the cost-effective demand of medium-sized EFI engines, means a more comprehensive operating range for the 2-Up Transporter.

Overload springs are easy to install to increase passenger weight. A turnkey electric starter combined with electronic fuel injection provides fast and reliable ignition in all conditions.

The 15.5-inch wind deflector is designed to protect the operator with its sculpted, rotating shape.

The seat design offers an easier transition from sitting to standing. The side-to-side movement also becomes more accessible with tapered sides to aid maneuverability inside and off the track.

A soft chair with two backrests provides many comforts for two people.

Transporter Lite 2-UP Performance

The power valve system adjusts the exhaust port openings based on RPM to ensure maximum torque and fuel efficiency across the power band.

Electronic fuel injection provides efficient fuel delivery to cylinders based on engine RPM for maximum torque and response.

Computerized fuel injection ensures reliable cold weather start and maximum fuel range with low exhaust emissions.

Hayes’ powerful hydraulic ‘Stealth’ brake master cylinders are equipped with composite stealth levers to provide significant modulation for a better feel and powerful braking performance.

Compact power plants weighing under 50 pounds pack a powerful punch with a class-leading horsepower-to-weight ratio. With alloy bulkheads and tunnel heat exchangers, the engine remains excellent as the state heats up.

2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP Price Starting at $9,999.

2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP Specs

2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP Specs
2024 Yamaha Transporter Lite 2-UP Specs
Engine Type2-stroke / 397 cc
Engine ClassMid Performance
Clutch / TransmissionCV TECH
Fuel DeliveryBattery-less Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Capacity10.6 gal. (40.1 L)
Front SuspensionIndependent Double Wishbone
Front ShocksHydraulic Twin Tube
Front Travel7.2" (183 mm)
Ski TypeYamaha Mountain
Rear SuspensionDual Load 146
Center ShockHydraulic Twin Tube
Rear Shock(s)Hydraulic Twin Tube
Rear Travel12.5" (318 mm)
Track / WxLxH15" x 146" x 1.60"
Track TypeCamso Cobra
Ski Stance 40" (1016mm) adjustable
Electric StartStandard
DC OutputN/A
Heaterd SeatN/A
20" Tunnel BagAccessory
Electric Power SteeringN/A
ColorsForged Blue / Black

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