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2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE: Special, Lightweight, and Powerful Engine

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE

The New Yamaha Mountain Max LE is a modern mountain sled that has become very specialized, and the Yamaha Mountain Max model is an extraordinary machine.

It’s lightweight, powerful, and full of features dedicated to mastering the slopes.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE
2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE

The extended 15-inch travel rear suspension is equipped with a lightweight single-beam skid frame to handle rugged terrain excellently.

This advanced skid frame features a single shaft at the midpoint of a single rail, which runs across the centerline of the track.

The flexibility of the way and the resulting balance points are embodied in precise handling responses. It’s always been challenging to throw an engraving, regardless of the tone or the slope.

Compared to standard dual-rail suspension, the single-rail system is 10 pounds lighter and does not collect snow, making the sled substantially lighter in real-world conditions.

The Fox Zero QS3 shock package, coil springs, and high-pressure gas shocks feature piggyback chambers for reduced fading, superb control, and three easily adjustable compression damping performance settings, allowing riders to quickly and easily adjust the ride according to riding conditions and preferences.

This 165-inch-long single-layer PowerClaw uses 3.0-inch lugs in a 3.5-inch pitch configuration. A long forward curved paddle is made staggered to bite the deepest powder.

Forward and lift movements are guaranteed with extended lengths to make the rider climb up and over the steepest slopes.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Comfort

A 10.6-gallon / 40.1-liter tank provides plenty of fuel capacity Lightweight with a high and narrow profile, the M-TX mountain seat is shorter and tapers forward more than our standard trail seat.

This allows for an easier transition of the rider from side to side and better standup ergonomics.

Full-featured and easy to read, the digital gauge displays essential information at a glance, including speed, fuel level, travel mileage, tach, elevation, temperature, and more.

Changing functions is easy with the toggle controls on the left handlebar.

Pressing a simple button causes the machine to restart in reverse. The audible ‘backup’ beep indicates the reverse system is activated and continues to beep until the button is pressed again to restart the engine in the forward direction.

A simple, lightweight, and efficient way to retreat from a difficult situation.

A bag provides additional storage under a comfortable seat. The semi-rigid design is easily accessible and waterproof to keep parts safe and dry. A quarter of a turn, quick-release fasteners are provided for easy removal.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Features
2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Features

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Performance

Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 coil-spring, high-pressure gas shock features piggyback chambers for reduced fading, superb control, and three easily adjustable compression damping performance settings, so riders can quickly and easily adjust the ride to any condition.

This single-layer-long, 165-inch PowerClaw track uses 3.0-inch lugs in a 3.5-inch pitch configuration. The long, forward-curved oars are staggered to bite the deepest powder.

The power valve system modifies the exhaust port openings based on engine revolutions per minute to maximize torque and fuel economy across the power band.

Electronic fuel injection efficiently delivers fuel to the cylinders dependent on engine RPM for optimal torque and response.

Computerized fuel injection enables consistent ignition in cold weather and a complete fuel range with minimal emissions.

New lightweight primary and secondary CVT pulleys offer precise and smooth gearshifts with a cool operation for optimum performance and drive belt longevity.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Handling

The sleek SRV-M Front Suspension is very compact to reduce spindle pulling force and unwanted suspension components in heavy snow.

The narrow easel allows extreme maneuverability and provides aggressive, streamlined angles for outstanding side-hilling and powder turn capabilities.

The lightweight forged aluminum coils join the wide spacing upper and lower control arms resulting in large caster angles for tight side filling and ease of steering.

The clean and narrow overall attitude and the removal of the sway bar also significantly increase the agility of the deep snow.

The mountain-specific SRV-M chassis combines a load-bearing triangulation structure with a lightweight aluminum construction to create a neutral, rider-centric balanced sled.

The pyramidal upper frame creates the strength of the chassis without excessive weight. Additional boosters are added to the ‘perforated’ running board for those who tend to travel to their full potential.

The tall and dedicated steering post provides optimum ergonomics for standup rides.

The 5.5-inch riser with wide, shaped, curved mountain bars and incorporated mountain straps give enough leverage for off-trail riding. The system can be customized to perform sweeps and ranges to help riders stay in the sweet spot.

The layout of the SRV chassis was engineered with the aim of concentrating the mass.

Approximately 60 percent of the sled’s weight is tightly centered within the main triangulation. The result is a sled with quick and balanced handling that is pleasant to use in various conditions.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Price Starting at $15.499.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Specs

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Specs
2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE Specs
Engine Type2-stroke / 794 cc
Engine ClassHigh Performance
Clutch / TransmissionLightweight CVT
Fuel DeliveryBattery-less Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Capacity10.6 gal. (40.1 L)
Front SuspensionIndependent Double Wishbone
Front ShocksFox 1.5 Zero QS3
Front Travel7" (178 mm)
Ski TypeYamaha Mountain
Rear SuspensionMountain Single Beam
Center ShockFox 1.5 Zero QS3
Rear Shock(s)Fox 2.0 Zero QS3L
Rear Travel15" (381 mm)
Track / WxLxH15" x 165" x 3.0"
Track TypeCamso Power Claw
Ski Stance (ctr to ctr)36" (914 mm) adjustable
Electric StartStandard
DC OutputAutomotive
Heaterd SeatN/A
20" Tunnel BagStandard
Electric Power SteeringN/A
ColorBlue / White

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