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2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Specs

2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE

2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE – Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE is poised to defend its title as the world’s fastest production snowmobile. With the genesis 998 Turbo engine and specially calibrated iQS, the suspension is electronically controlled.

Low-profile Ripsaw tracks minimize drag during race races, ARCS front suspension with longer forging spindles, special lightweight upper A-arms, and optimized geometry work to keep everything installed.

2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE
2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE

In a flashback to Yamaha’s racing heyday, the new SRX proudly features a limited edition, retro, red/white paint scheme with gold accents.

2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Features

Genesis Turbo Engine

The 998 Genesis Turbo Engine is unmatched in terms of producing exceptional power. Every engine component from intake to exhaust is dedicated to delivering uncompromising performance, earning respect and reputation as the industry with the highest achievements.

High-Performance Clutch System

Primary and secondary YSRC rollers are calibrated for long-lasting and cold operation. They efficiently utilize and transfer the ample torque generated by the Genesis Turbo to the track while minimizing drive belt wear.

The primer shifts out aggressively to use all the power. At the same time, the secondary roller quickly shifts backward and provides an additional ratio through the grain beam that is too large for continuous acceleration.

Fox Shock Package® Zero iQS

Fox Intelligent Quick Shift (iQS) is mounted front and back so that suspension can be adjusted quickly using the left-hand switch on the bar.

Compression reducers are offered in three settings that range from soft to firm. Once activated, the SCU (suspension control unit), located in the shock body, changes the oil flow inside all applicable shocks in less than a second to allow the rider to suppress the suspension sense based on running conditions.

The surprise settings are displayed. Two drive selection modes can be prearranged and stored in memory to change settings in one easy step.

Attenuation rebounds are prearranged to control kick-back and ‘packing’ in rough terrain, regardless of IQS compression selection.

ARCS Front Suspension

Arcs front has a high, strong forging alloy spindle and a lightweight and redesigned upper A-arm. Revised for optimal suspension function and improved ground clearance, the SRX Sidewinder has more predictable and consistent handling with fewer chassis rollers.

Suspension SRX 137

SRX uses unique suspension calibration with a dual-rate front shock spring and low preload rear torque spring to provide lower ride height through additional ‘sag’ suspension.

A lower profile improves top speed performance while keeping sled levels at tight turns. The softer initial spring level is consequently progressive, increasing deeper at a stroke to withstand a rigid base, while full travel is still available when weightless.

The Skid SR 137 remains a “paired” suspension that uses a unique “sliding” front arm mount. With up to half an inch of movement in the front arm “slot,” the system allows the SR 137 to provide controlled ski lift during acceleration while still maintaining front arm impact compliance.

Stryke Single Keel Ski

Yamaha’s new single keel ski provides an elusive balance between light steering effort and precise handling.

The unique and staggered carbide further improves steering response while complete shim bearing assemblies work with rubber saddle blocks to adjust carbide pressure points.

The ski position becomes adjustable by moving the thick spacer located on each ski axle to the opposite side.

2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Comfort

Lightweight Tapered Tunnel Design

Sidewinder, two-part, tapered tunnels improve foot comfort and overall driving position over long distances. At the same time, reinforced running boards are perforated with aggressive boot retaining gears that offer excellent snow evacuation to keep your feet where you want to be.

Heated Trail Seats

Heated seats that provide warmth and comfort even on the coldest days in winter are standard on the L-TX GT Sidewinder.

A simple flip of the dashboard-mounted switch gives you a choice of two warmth settings, allowing you to explore from sunrise to sunset in total comfort.

Stealth Control System

Handlebars feature a left-side switch cluster for “on-the-fly” access to multi-step hand and thumb warm tuners, push-button reverse gear shifting, and multi-function gauges that can be easily selected information with convenient buttons.

The clean blades hold an ergonomically shaped throttle lever and a simple stand-alone emergency stop switch on the right side.

Hayes ‘ Stealth’ brake cylinders are equipped with composite brake levers that, paired with lightweight calipers, offer a better feel and powerful braking performance.

Tunnel Bag 20″

Under the seat provides additional storage. With a semi-rigid design, the bag is easily accessible and waterproof, while a quarter-turn quick release fast release fastener makes for an immediate release.

2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Performance

High Tech Turbo

Able to withstand very high temperatures, the nickel alloy turbine body is robust and precise. Powered by premium ceramic ball bearings, the Inconel turbine blade assembly is exceptionally light and powerful, resulting in a moment of low inertia for lightning-fast response to exhaust gas inputs.

Three throttle bodies are used exclusively to further improve the rapid delivery of compressed air from the impeller to the intake valve.

Mitsubishi Electronic Control Unit

The Mitsubishi ECU developed by Yamaha uses a series of 9 sensors to collect running condition data to calculate a predetermined memory map that will adjust ignition time, fuel delivery, manifold air pressure, and turbo boost pressure to deliver maximum performance under any conditions.

Electronic Air Bypass Valve (ABV)

Unlike conventional turbo blow-off valves, the Yamaha ABV redirects air pressure back to the compressor intake side preventing surges and maintaining impeller speed.

Liquid Cooled Turbo Body

When the engine is off, the convection energy generated by the super-hot coolant on the turbo head continues to circulate without the cooling pump operating, which eliminates the need for the engine’s cooling cycle while maintaining the turbo components.

Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Handling

Centralized Bulk Design

The SRV chassis layout is designed to concentrate mass. About 60% of the sled weight is tightly centered inside the main triangulation for fast handling, a balanced sled that is fun to throw in various conditions.

Lightweight SRV Chassis

The SRV combines a load-holding triangular structure with a lightweight aluminum construction to create a neutrally balanced sled centered on the rider. The pyramid-shaped upper frame builds chassis strength without overload.

Low Profile RipSaw Track

SRX uses a 1″ long 137″ low profile multi-layer track in a fully truncated 2.86 configuration. Lower lug profiles result in fewer wind resistance at high speeds, while entirely cut grooves reduce friction to provide maximum top speed performance.

In addition, low lugs reduce weight and pressure to improve durability and performance at sustained high speeds.

Pole Over-the-Engine Steering

Straight steering is configured on top of the engine and connected to a single bell crank for simplicity and lightweight that minimizes free play in the steering system and results in a tight turning radius.

2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Price Starting at $18.099.

Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Specs

2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Specs
2023 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Specs 
Engine TypeTurbo 4-Stroke / 998cc
Engine ClassUltra Performance
Clutch / TransmissionYSRC
Fuel DeliveryElectronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Capacity8.9 gal (33.6 L)
Front SuspensionIndependent, Double Wishbone
Front ShocksFox 1.5 Zero iQS with SRX Dual Rate Springs
Front Travel10" (254mm)
Ski TypeYamaha Stryke Single Keel
Rear SuspensionDual Shock SR 137
Rear Shock(s)Fox 2.0 Zero iQS
Rear Travel13.5" (343mm)
Center ShockMonotube Alum-HP GAS 1.5
Track / W x L x H15" x 137" x 1"
Track TypeCamso Ripsaw I
Ski Stance (ctr to ctr)42" (1,067mm) adjustable
Electric StartStandard
DC OutputAutomotive & RCA
Heated SeatStandard
20" Tunnel BagStandard
Electric Power SteeringN/A
Color(s)White/Red/Regal Gold

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